26th January 2021 
The model of counselling and psychotherapy we offer is based on psychoanalytic principles.

The therapist or counsellor work together with the client in a process of exploration within a professional relationship.

What is counselling and psychotherapy?

When you come to see a therapist or counsellor you are encouraged to talk about the feelings you have about yourself and your situation.

The therapist will help you to explore connections between your present feelings and actions and past events.

Feelings, thoughts, wishes, memories and dreams can be explored within the relationship. In this way individuals can be helped to understand unconscious processes which affect our everyday thought and behaviour.

Gradually a greater degree of self-understanding can be achieved, enabling you to find more appropriate ways of being and coping with difficulties.

It helps by:-

Offering a reliable and confidential relationship

Providing support during times of crisis and transition

Deepening awareness of yourself and your relationships

Offering a safe place where you can speak about feelings that worry or frighten you

Making sense of recurring problems and exploring their links with the past

Challenging repeating unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour

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