26th January 2021 
Ongoing fees for regular weekly sessions are likely to be within the range of 45-70.

It may be possible to negotiate a reduced fee.

Code of ethics:-

We all work to the code of ethics and practice of the Foundation for Counselling and Psychotherapy. This includes a complaints procedure.

Important elements of this code of ethics include:

  • Respecting and maintaining confidentiality

  • Establishing the highest ethical standards in our work

  • Making boundaries of time and space clear and explaining arrangements
We are all covered by professional indemnity insurance.


Professional members of our organisation work to the highest standard of practice.

We have all trained with WPF Counselling and Psychotherapy and are members of their graduate body.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Service, based in North West and North London,
offering Counsellor and/or Psychotherapist for your particular area and need